Signature Poochmates

Our Story

Signature Pet Foods is a new venture which deals with pet wellness that has been recently set up in the valentine month of February 2022 by Mr Fahim Sultan, as a tribute to love for his companion friends. Signature range has its focus on nutrition, health and welfare of pets. The production of this premium line of pet food for dogs and cats originally commenced in April 2022.

Signature pet foods quality is self-sufficient in that it manufactures all of its raw materials in-house, eliminating its reliance on imported raw resources. This also ensures the quality of imported raw materials utilized because of our highly experienced and skilled veterinarians which can monitor every aspect at the most basic levels. This also decreases supply chain disruption and takes us closer to being ‘Atmanirbhar’ (self-sufficient), as our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, has stated. Signature Pet Foods processes food using automated methods with little human intervention to ensure maximum sanitation. The manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001:2000 certified and meet worldwide standards. To assure premium food quality and palatability, the company employs German gear and a vacuum coating method.

Indian Broiler Group Corporate House, Rajnandgaon, Chattisgarh

Signature understands your strong attachment to pets and the necessity of feeding them a balanced and nutritious diet. As a result, our team of nutritionists and veterinarians ensured and designed a high quality meal tailored to the evolving demands of dogs. Not only that, but significant study has assured that Signature’s products have a consistent flavour, greater digestion, and absorption. These products are nutrition balanced pet food and subjected to stringent quality inspections to ensure that only the highest quality food enters your pet’s dish.

Signature Pet Foods is a subsidiary of the large Indian broiler group pet food. The Indian Broiler Group requires no introduction today. Also, it will be heart-warming for you to know that IB Group runs charitable schools where more than 7500 children receive free education. This drive is from our founder’s family, with the aim of educating every child in the hood, especially a girl child. A sizable amount of sales proceeds from Drools® also goes towards this beautiful cause of community building though care and education.

Signature Pet Foods already has plans of export along with reaching to all prime counters within India. Signature targets to reach close to 1500 prime counters across the country, along with reaching some 10+ countries for exports.

The Signature team is determined to be available at all important touch points be it vets, retail or pet cafes where a pet parent would want to reach out and buy a pack of “Happiness in Goodness” for their furry kids. It would also warm your heart to know that IB Group operates philanthropic schools in which over 7500 youngsters receive free education. Our founder’s family is driving this initiative, with the goal of educating every child in the neighborhood, particularly girls. A significant portion of Drools® sales revenues are also donated to this wonderful cause of community development via care and education. Signature Pet Foods already has aspirations to export in addition to reaching all major counters in India. Signature aims to reach close to 1500 prime counters around the country, as well as 10+ countries for exports.