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Welcome to the land of Signature private label pet food manufacturers. We have carefully developed a comprehensive list of recipes for Cats and Dogs, including dry feed, semi-moist options, handcrafted dog and cat treats and snacks, and nutritional supplements for Dogs. Using our 11 years of animal nutrition experience, we have produced over 15 great recipes for you to pick from for your own private label. The super premium alternatives provide pure goodness, utilizing up to 48 percent fresh meat in the production process, as well as healthiest superfoods such as eggs, pumpkin, salmon oil, berries, pomegranate, fruit, and vegetables. We also have premium recipes and optimal options, giving you a comprehensive selection that spans the animal’s whole lifespan at an affordable price.

Private Label Products :

  • Dry Kibbles for Dogs and Cats
  • Nutritional Supplements for Dogs
  • Snacks and Treats for Cats and Dogs

To make things easier, you will be guided on your trip by your own customized Private Label Account Manager. Please email us at