Signature Poochmates

Signature Companion

We are proud to support influencers who share our brand’s ideals and for whom a dog is more than man’s best friend. Dogs are also sporting partners for our Signature Team members, with whom they train and achieve exceptional success in dog sports.

Dr Vivek Arora
Co- Director, Dr Gandhi Pet Hospital, New Delhi

Mr Saquib S Pathan
President- Feline Club of India

Yashwanth Parimi
Canine Trainer & Behaviorist - Hyderabad

The Signature Team has been chosen to use products that their dogs thrive and achieve amazing achievements as a result of Signature food.

Signature nutritional supplements, which are used anytime a dog’s feed needs to be fine-tuned to the smallest detail in order to offer balanced nutrition even during the most difficult times, are also great assistance in this.

Anyone interested in joining the Signature Team must share the same ideals. An enthusiasm for dog sports, a love of animals, determination, and drive can provide the best nutrition for your dogs for the rest of their lives. We then rejoice as a group.