Signature Poochmates

Signature Nutritional Programme

There are complete pet foods available as part of the Signature nutritional programme, which have been designed to account for physiological differences between pets at various stages of life. According to the adult size of the individual breeds and different nutritional requirements, there are three basic lines of pet food. – Tweaked

There are two basic variants of pet food grain according to the physiological needs of various breeds and different products in the GRAIN ZERO & FREEDOM lines cover the entire life style from a puppy to senior age.

The amount of individual ingredients in pet food from the same line varies to account for the higher or lower need for nutrients and energy depending on the age and level of activity of each pet. If your pet’s weight isn’t optimal, don’t change the portion size. Simply select a food containing more or less energy. The practically identical ingredients of products in the same line ensure a smooth transition from one pet food to the next, depending on the pet’s current condition.


Signature For Life is a premium complete food line available in nine different varieties: for puppies and adult pets of all types, for young and adult pets of large and giant breeds, and for overweight and elderly pets. The Signature For Life product line includes quality wet food snacks, and nutritional supplement boost in addition to dry food.

The philosophy and importance of Signature nutritional supplements stem from the fact that they provide the necessary ingredients when even a complete and balanced diet cannot meet a pet’s distinct and specific demands. Signature nutritional supplements are designed to address a wide range of special needs that a breeder may discover in a pet.